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Some Tips To Remarket To Your Customers The Right Way

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Retargeting or remarketing is all about advertising your products and services to people based on their previous actions, like visiting a website or searching for said products. People working in a digital marketing agency in Delhi or running an online store are familiar with the concept and may not see anything wrong with it. But the general public isn’t sure about how it works and may worry about how you are using their data. You can alleviate these concerns by retargeting your products tactfully.

Tips For Retargeting Tactfully

Leave Customers Who Convert Alone

Once a customer buys your product, it’s time to stop retargeting them because there’s nothing more annoying than receiving ads for a laptop that you already bought. You need to stop retargeting the customer so that they keep a positive view of the purchase and offer a good word of mouth for your products. You can use a burn code to remove the customer from your remarketing list. You can advertise discount codes or other products they may be interested in instead.

Optimize Your Website For Conversion

The best way to prevent disturbing people with retargeted ads is to not retarget them in the first place, and the best way to reduce the need for retargeting is to improve your conversion rate. If your visitors convert on the first visit, then you don’t need to send them reminders to do so. There are many ways to improve your website’s conversion rate, like simplifying the checkout process, maintaining consistency between ads and products, etc. You can consult a digital marketing agency in Delhi to audit your website and identify what changes you need to make to improve your conversion rate.

Try Different Remarketing Strategies

Most people think of retargeting in terms of search retargeting (i.e. based on what search terms the user used on search engines.) But you can also retarget someone based on how they interact with a website, email, etc. Of these, website retargeting seems to be the most efficient. You should try out different strategies and see which gives you the best results.

Limit How Many Times You Retarget Your Customers

If your customer doesn’t buy the product that they were checking out a few days ago despite your third advertisement, then they have probably lost interest in it. Displaying more ads might just cause them to deactivate their account on your online store, so stop after a few tries. This will also help you save money and invest in other strategies. You should decide how many times your customers will see the ad per day, week or month and stick to that limit.

Offer An Opt-Out Option

These days remarketing strategies hardly go unnoticed because people know you are retargeting them when they see ads for items that they abandoned in their shopping cart at your e-commerce site. While some may be okay with it, many might find it annoying and wish to opt out of your list. You should offer them that option so that they can be at peace about their privacy and you can focus your efforts on other strategies.

Update Your Ads

You can remarket the same products to your customers for a long time if you update your ads after a few months. Many customers get used to the ads and start ignoring them after a few months. You can maintain their interest in the products by changing the ad copy, style or format after a few months.

Segment Your Visitors

Every customer is different from the other, e.g. some may visit your website’s homepage to see what you’re all about while some may be looking for a product and may have nearly bought it before abandoning their cart. You need to segment these customers into different categories and develop different strategies for both. The first category may need ads that talk more about what you have to offer while the second category may need subtle reminders about their cart.

In conclusion, the key to retargeting your target audience successfully is to be tactful about it.