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Most Valuable Parts On Car To Sell And Their Costs

If you have an old vehicle, you can sell it to a junkyard to earn some cash. Most of the junk cars offer cash for junk cars same day pick up in Denver, so you can quickly sell it to earn some quick cash. But if your car is in a fairly decent condition then you can salvage it for parts as well.


Selling the car parts will help you generate more value from your car and there are many valuable parts in a car that can earn you quite a bit of money. So if you were planning to sell your car, sell it for parts and make the most out of your old vehicle. Here are some of the most valuable parts of your car that can earn you a significant amount of money.

Engine and Transmission

Your car engine and transmission are probably the most valuable part of a car and if they are in good running condition then they can be used in other cars as well. These parts earn you a significant amount of money and they are most easily sold as well. There are many car owners that are constantly on the lookout for an engine or transmission at a cheap rate. There are also many companies that work with rebuilding engines and transmissions and they are constantly on the lookout for used engines and transmissions. You can sell the engine and transmissions to auto recyclers, private buyers, remanufacturing companies and repair shops, etc.

Cost of engine: $300 – $5000

Cost of transmission: $20 – $150

Alternator and starters

Alternators and starters are parts connected to the engine. The alternator is responsible for converting the mechanical energy to electrical energy while the starter initiates the engine’s operation. Their value lies in the steel cases and the copper wires inside these cases. Alternators and starts have a lot of material value but they can also be sold as-is or after they are remanufactured.

Cost of alternator: $20 -$150

Cost of starter: $30 – $50


Bumpers are a multipurpose component in a car and can be used for rear and front end styling in a car. Bumpers these days are no longer simple metal bars but they are rather sophisticated parts that often include brake vents, air inlets, aerodynamic aids, fog lights, and other trim pieces. Bumpers are the first things that are damaged in an accident and are expensive when it comes to replacement. Cost-conscious vehicle owners are always on the lookout for replacement bumpers. You can also take to eBay for selling these parts.

Cost of bumpers: $50 – $300


Bonnet or hood is the covering in the front part fo the car vehicle that serves as an access door to the engine compartment. The hoods are designed in a way that they would crumble in the event of an accident, so hood damage is generally not repairable and only a replacement can fix the issue. If your car hood is presentable enough, you can sell it as well. Recycling yards, car body shops, eBay and Craiglist are a good place to sell your car hood. When you are selling a junk car in Colorado, selling the valuable parts like the hood, separately can be quite profitable.

Cost of car hood: $50 – %200


A complete car door assembly is quite a valuable part of a car. A complete car door assembly consists of various parts like an outdoor body panel, interior panel, window mechanism, door locking mechanism, seat adjustment control, defroster vents, and puddle lights. So if your car door assembly is in good condition, you can earn some quick cash from it. 

Cost of car door assembly: $50 – $250


Radiators are also a valuable part of a car as they contain a good amount of aluminum in them. The radiator is located right behind the grille in front of the car. Before selling the radiator remember to drain the coolant.  You can sell a radiator to a junkyard, scrapyard, car recycling facility or any repair shop.

Cost of Radiator: $40 – $150