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Fake Nose Ring In A Few Simple Steps – Discover Now!

Willing to get a nose piercing in Denver, but couldn’t make the strength to have it done, is one of the most common problems that the maximum number of girls face. There could be a number of reasons to this like being quite unsure about the way this piercing would look on you or being confused about any metal allergies that might happen but above all the reasons, daring to undergo the pain still remain the biggest. Most of us love the way a piercing could add on to the look of our face but are afraid of the pain that we will have to go through during the process. Well, an amazing alternative for every such girl is the fake nose ring that would definitely not require you to get a piercing on your body and would bring you the exact look of the original one. But where can you get them? Need not worry about buying them as you can make them yourself in just a few simple steps. 

So instead of preparing yourself for a piercing in Denver, take the tools and begin with creating a fake ring for your nose. Have a look at these simple steps!

Gather your materials 

To begin you first need to gather all the tools and materials required for the process. As compared to creating a stud, making a hoop would require you to put in a little more effort. You will need to have a pair of pliers, a pen, a file along with some wire or a headpin. Once you have all of your tools, follow these steps- 

  • Occupy a wire or a headpin depending on the way you want your nose ring to look like. For instance, if you want the hoop of your nose ring to be thick then you must consider using a headpin and if you want it to be thin then you must consider using a wire of gold or silver for the same. You could consider using florist wire to serve the purpose. 
  • You can look-out for these products at any craft store near your house. 
  • You might find it difficult to make a nose ring at first but in a few tries, you will turn more comfortable working with these materials and will surely be able to create a unique ring in hardly any time. 

Begin with your creation

Now consider placing each of these materials on a flat surface and it would be even better if you could place them near a mirror. Also, if you anyhow feel uncomfortable working with any of these materials, you must consider taking help from any of your family members or friends who can use the tool way better than you. 

Shape your wire

You need to create a round shape from the wire by bending it around a pen or pencil that you have. By now you must be feeling that you should have got a real piercing in Denver but this is going to end soon. All you need to do is to grab the pen or pencil and form a circle with the wire. Once you are done creating a circle, slide the hoop towards the end of the pen or pencil that you are using. Now that you are done removing it move on to the next step. 

Cut the ring to the right size

It’s time to put your plier to use. Take the tool and cut the end of the hoop that you have created in a way that the ends meet each other. By this stage of the process, your hoop should look like a circle. Well, this doesn’t mean that you would anyhow need to worry about the ends of your hoops meeting perfectly. 

Finish the ends of your nose ring 

Once you are done cutting the ring to the right size, finish the ends of it by filing them using the piler. This should be done in a way that doesn’t cause any itching to your on wearing. Once you are done, you are actually done with creating your fake nose piercing in Denver. All you got to do now is to pick the ring and wear it for a day out.