Tips From A Digital Marketing Agency To Promote Restaurants

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Investing in web design in New Jersey is simply the first step to build your online presence. While a website can act as your online marketplace and help you build your brand, you need to implement other digital marketing strategies like search engine optimization and social media marketing to drive web traffic and sales.

The exact strategies you use will differ from other restaurants based on your business goals but the methods are similar. You get the best results when you integrate your marketing tools rather than using them separately.

Digital Marketing Tips For Restaurants

Add Online Reservation Form

If you own a busy place, then adding a reservation form to your web design in New Jersey would be convenient for you and your platforms. You can either build a form from scratch based on your needs or use a reservation plug-in.

Keep it simple for your customers by asking only the necessary details like name, the number of guests, date, time and contact details.

Update/Create New Website

Many restaurants use old and outdated website templates while many don’t have a website and rely on Facebook. Having a modern website is the first step to build your online presence because it will act as your brand image and support your marketing efforts. Agencies like Red Dash Media specialize in creating pixel perfect, SEO-friendly and responsive sites for restaurants.

A responsive theme ensures that your website looks good and is user-friendly on smartphones, tablets and desktops. This will also help you reach mobile users.

Add Keywords

The best SEO companies in NYC use keyword research tools to find keywords with high search volume and low competition to improve your web traffic and generate leads. Most importantly, the keywords should be relevant to your menu and services so that the visitors find what they’re looking for.

Location-based keywords are best for local searches. You need to place them throughout your website based on their relevance to your web content. Stay within the two percent limit and use them as naturally as possible.

Claim Business Listings

The best SEO companies in NYC claim business listings for their clients because they understand the importance of local searches. When going to a new place, many consumers search for good restaurants within their locations for the sake of convenience. Showing up on local searches will improve your conversion rate.

You should claim your listings on Google My Business, Yelp, Bing Places for Business, etc. Make sure that your NAP (name, address and phone) details are consistent with the one on your website.

Run Geo-Targeted Ads

Another way that a digital marketing agency in NJ can help you reach your target audience is through geo-targeted ads. Search engines and social media platforms allow you to define who your ads will reach based on the person’s age, location, gender, etc. and also how long you want the ads to run.

Online paid ads give better ROI than offline ads because they are narrowcasted to people who may genuinely be interested in what your menu has to offer. This helps you make the most out of your budget.

Create Social Media Accounts

Social media accounts help you build a two-way communication channel between you and your target audience. You can use them to post announcements, ads and stories while users respond with likes, comments, queries and complaints. A digital marketing agency in NJ can help you identify which social media platforms are best for you based on your target audience.

Most restaurants use Instagram and Facebook. Instagram is the favorite platform for food lovers and will help you reach out to them through enticing images of your main dishes. Facebook helps you build a community with your loyal customers.

Create A Blog Section

Agencies like Red Dash Media make use of blogs to boost a restaurant’s search engine optimization and social media marketing strategies. A blog helps you add relevant keywords to the website and connect with your customers through insightful articles that they can learn from. It can also act as your newsroom section where you can share events and press releases.

You don’t need to post on this section daily, once a month is enough as long as you are posting good content. Long-form blogs tend to perform better because they contain more information.

Insert Keywords In Meta Tags

Your site’s meta title and description are what users see when they search for new restaurants to dine in. The meta title helps you rank on SERPs, so add keywords in them. Local SEO companies in NY add keywords to meta description as well because Bing still considers them important.

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