Equipment And Machinery Used In Pharmaceutical Tablet Manufacturing

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Tablets are a popular form of oral medication that is made of active pharmaceutical ingredients and excipients. These dosages are available in different shapes, sizes, and thicknesses, etc. These tablets are manufactured using a different process, which requires a number of different machinery and equipment.

There are different types of tablets in the market and as such, the machinery used in the manufacture of the tablets is also different. From size-reduction equipment to granulators there are so many equipment involved the process and you can also use used pharmaceutical equipment like a used Fitzmill or a used tablet press for your production process. Here is a list of equipment involved in the manufacture of a tablet.

Size reducing equipment

Size-reduction equipment is essential for the tablet manufacturing process. Equipment like roller mills and hammer mills are used for the reduction of the size of the particles. For compressed tablets, it requires a certain size of the particles for producing uniform dosages of tablets. Fine sized particles are also essential for lubricants to mix with the granules. Apart from reducing the size of the particles, this equipment also performs important functions like reducing sensitivity in case of overcompensation while also improving the quality of the tablet.

Wet granulation equipment

This process involves the mixing of dry primary particles with the help of a granulating fluid and the sensitivity of this equipment calls for good quality processing equipment. Wet granulation process includes equipment like rotating shape granulators, high shear granulators, agitator granulators like a paddle or ribbon blender, orbiting screw mixer, planetary mixer or sigma blade mixer, etc.

Dry granulation equipment

This a process of mixing liquids without the use of granulating liquid and the dry granulation equipment needs to produce the right size of particles. Dry granulation is often used after wet granulation when the particles aren’t compressed properly or the drugs are moisture sensitive. The quality of a dry granulation machine depends on the roller design and speed, feed rate, die diameter and size of the particle. The dry granulation equipment includes spray dryers, rotary dryers, and fluid bed dryers, etc.

Mixing equipment

Mixing equipment are responsible for mixing the pharmaceutical ingredients that make the tablet together. The mixing is done with the help of mixers and blenders. Mixers are of various types including pneumatic mixers, diffusion mixers, air drive mixtures and orbiting screw mixtures, etc. Blenders are of different types as well like high-intensity blenders, ribbon blenders, and planetary blenders, etc.

Tablet compressing machine

This machine helps you compress the pharmaceutical ingredients into a tablet. Tablet compressing machines are mainly of two types, a single punch tablet press, and a rotary or multi-station tablet press. Single punch tablet presses are easy to use and thus have a high utilization ratio. This tablet press is perfect for use in small scale productions. Rotary tablet presses, on the other hand, are more complex and are used in large scale production of tablets. For capsule productions, capsule fillers are used to fill the capsule instead of compressing. You can also opt for a used capsule filler for the production.

Other pharmaceutical instruments

Apart from the basic pharmaceutical equipment mentioned above, there are a number of other equipment used in the tablet manufacturing process. The following are other tablet manufacturing equipment used in tablet production.

– Dissolution sampling machine
A dissolution sampling machine is used to analyze the ability of a tablet to dissolve in a solution.

– Friability tester
This equipment is used to test the durability of the equipment before it is packaged and sent for transit.

– Refractometers
Used to measure the refractive index of pharmaceutical solids.

– Freeze dryers
Freeze driers are used to store and stabilize various pharmaceutical drugs and biologicals.

– Melting point apparatus
A pharmaceutical melting point apparatus is used to measure the melting point and melting range of a particular substance.

– Packaging machines
Packaging machines like blister packaging machines and strip packaging machines are used to prepare pharmaceutical products for distribution. The machines can include label applicators, sealers, case packers, film wrappers, and hand packing stations, etc.

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